Welcome to London Dining Concept, brainchild of fine dining maestro, Tom Whitaker.

Having spent years working in London’s best restaurants and progressing to the Masterchef finals in 2011, Tom established the London Dining Concept to deliver bespoke fine dining experiences uniquely tailored to the imaginative and aspirational ideas of his clients.

“During my time in the industry I found that while my private or corporate clients all had very specific requirements and ideas about how their fine dining events should work, their individual briefs were all underpinned by a desire to experience something truly unique.

Although many fine dining companies and restaurants promise such an experience, many are constrained by the limitations of their venue or their contracted supply chains.

By parting with the traditional ways in which fine dining events are pieced together, the London Dining Concept are not only free to develop original and memorable dining experiences, we are absolutely committed to it.”

Tom’s cuisine stems from a love of the British larder and incorporates a range of wild herbs and vegetables married with the very best fish, meat and game available. Although our primary focus is absolute culinary excellence, we know that our cuisine truly shines when complemented by beautiful surrounds and excellent service and that’s why we pay attention to every detail.

Tom has spent years sourcing and building relationships with a diverse network of suppliers and event personnel who specialise in their own fields of expertise. That network includes:

A quality venue makes all the difference to the ambience and overall experience for our fine dining clients and that’s why we work with Headbox. They specialise in sourcing impressive and unusual venues throughout the UK but if you have a venue in mind, no matter how unorthodox, let us know. As long as water and power are accessible, we can bring our first class food and service to you.

We are proud to work in partnership with each of these suppliers, not only because they give us the very finest produce or service, but because they understand our food philosophy and share our principle belief that the high levels of service available in the world’s very best restaurants can, and should be, enjoyed in new and exciting ways.

Farmers & Foragers:

We use of an array of freelance and specialist foragers like Wild Harvest, who provide us with a natural larder stocked with as much wild seasonal produce as possible from their locale.

The seasonality of this produce allows us to create exclusive culinary creations that incorporate the fresh, distinctive flavours of wild fruits, nuts, berries, seaweed, herbs, wild mushrooms and luxury truffles into our dishes.

This wild larder is supplemented throughout the year with beautiful heritage fruit and vegetable varietals supplied by approved farms.

Fish & Seafood:

The variety of fish and seafood on offer is astounding and to capitalise on its diversity, we source our supplies from a range of independent and commercial fisheries across the UK.

Our seafood dishes are filled with native oysters, lobsters and crab from the Colchester Oyster Fishery, giant scallops hand-picked by the divers of Keltic Seafare in the Hebrides, and whole bass, turbot and brill, among many others, from Murrays.

Furthermore, wherever possible we use fish caught by Tom’s cousin, Trevor, a small-boat fisherman in Cornwall, as well as line-caught trout and salmon landed by Tom. These particular gems often go into the cold smoker so if cold smoked fish is on the menu, it’s likely that our founding chef caught it himself.

Meat & Game:

All of the lamb, beef, pork and poultry in our dishes comes from Lake District Farmers who supply some of the best restaurants in London and are famed for their heritage breeds and high welfare practices.

Throughout the game season, we also feature a selection of fresh birds and animals on our menus and although, as you might expect from fine dining specialists, we use the ‘Hollywood cut,’ we use whole meat and game animals wherever possible and perform all our butchery in-house.

This allows us to vary the cuts we use in our menus regularly and make use of the remaining off-cuts to create our own amazing meat and game charcuterie.

Smoking and Curing:

Although we source the very finest French, Spanish and Italian charcuterie available, we also smoke and cure our own products in-house. It’s a long process that requires a lot of care and attention but the individual, distinctive produce we create makes our efforts worth it as you’ll discover on one of our unforgettable Craft Charcuterie Events.

Wine Matching

As one of London’s finest and highly respected wine cellars, Wimbledon Wine Cellar understand perfectly the fine dining experiences we offer. Their in-house sommelier regularly provides us with tastings and food matching recommendations and personally attends London Dining Concept events if our clients request his expertise.


All of our corporate, event and private dining experiences are delivered with precision by restaurant trained personnel and food service specialists who take their profession seriously and are dedicated to providing each and every guest with an individual, exemplary service.

Under Tom’s leadership, the collective efforts of our personnel and associated partners over the last four years has earned us the prestigious title of Approved Partner with Quintessentially, the world’s leading concierge service.