London Dining Concept offer three set menus for our unforgettable craft charcuterie events. Each one is a great menu in its own right and gives you a taste of some really great charcuterie, whether its produced by us or imported from a highly select group of suppliers from around the globe.

These menus aren’t meant to be rushed, they are to be savoured with great drinks, friends and family so don’t be overwhelmed by their scope – they’re there to be sampled at your leisure and we’ve found that most guests always seem to have room for another course.

Craft Charcuterie Events featuring Smoke&Cure Culatello HamWe bring whole cuts of charcuterie to our diners and cut to order, not only to ensure that the produce is at its very best, but also so our guests can enjoy the spectacle of these beautiful items being cut and carved at the table.

As you’ll be indulging in some serious meat, we suggest that you try something to provide a contrast as the main course of our craft charcuterie events. This is usually the hot element of the dinner we recommend opting for something light. Our menu features some great fish and vegetable dishes which we change with the seasons but if you do want some more meat, we can most certainly oblige!


Set Menu 1

This menu reflects a more rustic style of eating, featuring dishes you might expect to find on the tables of farm houses, village bistros and trattorias throughout Europe along with some S&C flourishes of course! It’s a real marriage of simplicity and quality that features some of our most popular items including a really great Smoke&Cure platter as the centrepiece.


Set Menu 2

This menu is a little grander and features an extra course which we simply call ‘The Plate’ as it only contains one thing; in this case it’s the majestic Culatello di Zibello. This highly prized cured and air dried thigh of pork is one of the great treasures of Italian salumi; not much of it gets out of Italy!

The Smoke&Cure team were lucky enough to train with a world renowned maker of this ham so we understand the genuine love and passion required to make such stunning produce. This menu also features a magnificent Smoke&Cure platter which includes a certain black footed Spanish ham…

Set Menu 3

Whilst our passion for meats is obvious, we know that it isn’t for everyone and that’s why we proudly offer pescatarian and vegetarian menus that cater for all of our guests’ preferences. They’re so good in fact, that our carnivorous diners are often seduced by their quality.


If meat isn’t your thing, rest assured that we take every care to give you an eating experience that is as good as your fellow diners. Our vegetable menu includes an amazing mix of the best seasonal produce available, prepared using all of our cooking technique and skill.


We love fish at Smoke&Cure so our menu reflects all that’s truly great about the British Isles to deliver a selection of elegant and truly memorable dishes. It features some items you may not have tried and others you may think you know, but either way, it often presents a dilemma for committed carnivores!

A unique experience:  Booking your craft charcuterie events


If you have any questions about our Smoke & Cure craft charcuterie events or would like to enquire about a booking, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 07730 077793, or write to us at and someone will contact you shortly.